US Charters of Freedom

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A concise and comprehensive guide to the US Charters of Freedom. Whether you’re looking for a study guide or you’re just interested in your heritage as a US citizen, US Charters of Freedom will guide you through all there is to know about these important historical documents.

Read the original text from the:

• Declaration of Independence
• Constitution
• Bill of Rights

Detailed introductions and analysis of each charter is provided in bullet pointed and in depth formats. Interesting facts and myths are included as well as a series of questions on each charter to consider and help you to understand the purpose and significance of each.

A history of the Charters of Freedom and background to each is also provided for anyone interested in more than the hardcore facts. Unlock the fascinating secrets and discover the myths behind the most significant documents in US history. In addition, other significant events and elements surrounding the US Charters of Freedom are included, such as: the National Archives, the National Archives fire, Syng inkstand, the Thirteen Colonies and the Freedom Train.

For history enthusiasts and students alike, use this app as your handy reference guide and much much more to the entire US Charters of Freedom.